Source: E-mail dt. 21 September 2011


Managemnet Mantra


Mr.T.Sudhakar Paul

Assistant Professor-cum-HOD In-Charge,

Department of Management Studies,

MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore


If I had to name the one most important quality of a top manager, I would say, “Personal Integrity”.


This is the most important element in the success of any individual or an organization; people need to have personal integrity.


Earlier days in the curriculum of management courses the business schools of USA, & UK use to have a special subject on “Ethics in Management” or “Business Ethics” which will obviously develop moral values in the students. The moral code is as important as growth or profits in the business, but sad thing is that in the modern world least importance is given to the ethics in business.


The ingredients of “Personal Integrity” are Morality, Honesty, Truth, Reliability, Uprightness, Consistency, and Trustworthiness. The students should inculcate these attributes to develop their character and personality.


I think the universities in India should introduce courses on “Personal Integrity” which enables to build a good citizen for the future India, because “life grows great only when it is disciplined”.


An educational organization is an industry, which produces products like, human resources so it’s the great responsibility of the teachers and lecturers to concentrate on building the character of the students apart from providing education to them as it is said that “If character is lost everything is lost”. Teamwork of the management and the staff can achieve this; cause “Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success”.


Finally I would like to add few more feathers to the management cap, which are also very important. They are Honesty, and Hard work which leads a person to success. If you deserve honor  Honesty and Hard work gives Honor”. And also remember that a King will be honored in his own kingdom but an intellectual person will be honored everywhere.


Our mission is “To create young leaders and able managers who are sound in spirit” may God help us to accomplish this task.