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MBA Project / Internship Topics, M.Phil Dissertations and Ph.D Thesis Topics in Management / Business Administration


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Trending Project topics in Finance 


1.     An economic analysis on investment in Infrastructure Companies

2.     Analysis of currency derivatives

3.     Comparative analysis of Investment funds

4.     Comparative analysis of mutual funds

5.     Comparative analysis of traditional vs ULIP

6.     Comparative Analysis on ULIPs Vs Mutual Funds

7.     Comparative study on retail and institutional investors

8.     Comparative study on risk and return in India

9.     Creating and managing the optimal portfolio

10.    Development of financial model in project financing of an infrastructure project

11.    Economic recession at America and its impact on various markets across globe

12.    Effect of macroeconomic factors on mutual funds performance

13.    Effect of mergers on stock prices

14.    Equity research

15.    Equity Research using Technical Analysis

16.    Financial statement Analysis using Ratio Analysis

17.    Financial viability of scientific toys in India

18.    Fluctuation of commodity prices with respect to economic conditions

19.    Fundamental and Technical analysis of select sectors

20.    Impact of banking services on Indian economy

21.    Impact of Financial Inclusion on the economic growth of India

22.    Impact of Global meltdown on emerging economies

23.    Inventory Risk Management

24.    Investors’ perception towards ULIPs

25.    Mergers and acquisitions in India - opportunities and constraints

26.    Option's trading strategies

27.    Organizational transformation through auditing

28.    Performance of IPOs in India

29.    Problems in Project finance

30.    Risk & return analysis on equities

31.    Risk analysis of equity mutual funds

32.    Risk and Return analysis on pension funds

33.    Role of foreign exchange reserves on trading

34.    Role of technology - cost control in banks

35.    Sourcing opportunities in derivative markets

36.    Study of investment strategies

37.    Study of non-performing assets in Banks

38.    Study on Buy back of shares to unlock value

39.    Study on core banking solutions in India

40.    Study on debt market

41.    Study on factors influencing stock market fluctuations

42.    Study on impact of bonus on traditional plans in insurance

43.    Study on increasing commodity prices - Is it a demand and supply problem?

44.    Study on investment options - excluding stock market

45.    Study on micro finance success or failure

46.    Study on sovereign debt crisis

47.    Technical analysis for day trading strategies

48.    Trend analysis of high volume shares of banking sector

49.    Valuation of options

50.    Valuation of shares

Project Topics and Research Areas in Finance 


Finance - General

  1. Capital Budgeting Studies
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Risk Analysis
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Financial Performance Analysis
  7. Venture Capital Finance studies
  8. Tax Planning


  1. Study on Financial Supermarket
  2. ATM location studies
  3. Branch location studies
  4. Branch potential estimation
  5. Brand positioning studies
  6. Corporate image studies
  7. Customer satisfaction studies
  8. Estimation of market size for banking products
  9. Observation of banking habits
  10. Pricing studies
  11. Comparative Analysis of various banking products
  12. Comparative Analysis of various categories of banks
  13. Studies on Inter-banking transactions


  1. Corporate image studies
  2. Estimate of market size (for mutual funds, government securities, etc.)
  3. Market segmentation studies
  4. New product development studies (for mutual funds, portfolio management services, etc.)
  5. Purchase / usage, behaviour studies 
  6. Role of Depositories in Stock Market
  7. Equity Research
  8. Study on changing pattern of capital market investment
  9. Wealth Management studies
  10. Study on Mutual Fund Management
  11. A comparative analysis of mutual funds with different asset management companies
  12. Audit Controlling and Profitability Analysis
  13. Study on Movement of Stock Market
  14. Comparative study on risk and returns involved in various investment avenues
  15. Investment Planning and Fund Raising


  1. Attitude studies (employee attitudes to health and safety.)
  2. Corporate behaviour studies (healthcare practices, group insurance.)
  3. Estimation of market size (life insurance, group insurance.)
  4. Impact studies (revision of motor insurance tariff, insurance sector reform.)
  5. Product concept tests (life, medical and accident products.)
  6. Study of the Indian retirement benefit industry

Trending Project Topics and Research Areas in Marketing

  1. A Study on the Impact of Online Advertisements
  2. Effect of Strategic Orientation on Market Performance of Hotels
  3. Students Behaviour towards Advertisements
  4. Impact of Product Line Extension
  5. An Analysis of Television Advertising and Usage of Celebrity Endorsers: A Content Analysis Approach
  6. Segmental Variations in Fish Consumption Behaviour
  7. A Study on effects of Consumer Behaviour on Packaging
  8. A Study on Customer Preferences for Milk Products
  9. Impact of Brand Equity on Life Insurance Industry
  10. A Study on Role of Children in the Family Decision Making
  11. Analysis of the relationship between Brand Loyalty and Market Share
Project Topics and Research Areas in Marketing [More topics]
  1. Market Segment Identification Studies
  2. Target Market Identification Studies
  3. Positioning Studies
  4. Brand Image Studies
  5. Brand Preference Studies
  6. Brand Loyalty Studies
  7. Brand Equity Studies
  8. Brand Health Monitoring Studies
  9. Business Development Analysis
  10. Below the line Activity studies
  11. New Product Development Research
  12. Concept Testing
  13. Creative Development Research
  14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Studies
  15. Consumer Preference Studies
  16. Consumer Perception Studies
  17. Product Mix and Product Profile Studies
  18. Product Launching Studies
  19. Developing Sales Strategies
  20. Brand Revitalization Studies
  21. E-Marketing Studies
  22. Distribution Channel Selection Studies
  23. Measurement of Distribution Effectiveness
  24. Advertising Media Selection Studies
  25. Advertisement Copy Testing Studies
  26. Ad Tracking
  27. Media Mix Selection Studies
  28. Measurement of Advertising Effectiveness
  29. Study on Promotional Techniques opted
  30. Price Perception Studies
  31. Sales Forecasting Studies
  32. Sales Analysis Studies
  33. Measurement of Sales Potential
  34. Gap Analysis
  35. SERVQUAL Measurement Studies
  36. Demand Estimation Studies
  37. Customer Satisfaction Studies
  38. Dealer Satisfaction Studies
  39. Designing Distribution Strategies
  40. Customer Attitude Studies
  41. Purchase Habits/ Behaviour Studies
  42. Post Purchase Behaviour Studies
  43. Competition Analysis
  44. Comparative Study on Services Offered
  45. In-Shop Observation Studies
  46. Pack Testing
  47. Estimation of Market Potential
  48. Market Development Studies
  49. Consumer Profiling Studies
  50. Radio Listenership Studies
  51. Television Viewership Studies
  52. Radio Listening Habit Studies
  53. Television Viewing Habit Studies
  54. E-Bill Penetration
  55. Evaluation of Customer Centricity
  56. Customer Mapping
  57. Re-Feel market Analysis
  58. Internal Marketing
  59. Internal Vs External Marketing – A Comparison
  60. Retail Sales Management
  61. Visual Merchanndising
  62. Loyalaty Performance

Project Topics and Research Areas in HR 
  1. Recruitment Process
  2. Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection
  3. Training Need Identification
  4. Evaluation of Training & Development
  5. Performance Appraisal
  6. 360 Degree Appraisal Studies
  7. Designing Performance Management System
  8. Competency Mapping
  9. Knowledge Management Practices
  10. Motivation Techniques
  11. Job Satisfaction Studies
  12. Employees Perception towards Safety, Health and Welfare facilities
  13. Absenteeism and Employee Turnover studies
  14. Compensation Management studies
  15. Employee Retention studies
  16. Contract Labour Management studies
  17. HR Practices pertaining to Attrition
  18. Promoting healthy HR practices
  19. Benchmarking studies
  20. Study on HR environment
  21. Comparison of Salary – A Survey
  22. Executive Mapping
  23. A Study on Perception of Work Culture
MBA Project Doubts & Clarifications

Name of the Student: Shuvangi Singh(15 May 2021) [New]

Question: Respected sir/ mam,

I am Shuvangi, student of Doon Business School, Dehradun. From your site I picked up a topic : Performance of IPOs in INDIA, supposed  to do literature review on this topic and I am lacking to complete it. So, I need help regarding this!. How will it be possible?

Reply from Dear Ms. Shuvangi Singh, We are happy for choosing the topic ‘Performance of IPOs’ in India picked up from our website

For doing the literature review you are supposed to analyse similar such research work which has been done by others.  You can refer to the journals published by ‘Scopus’, ‘Emerald’, Sage Publishers or any other prominent journal  for analyzing the early research works undertaken by others.  You can also refer to the Journals column of our website Based on your analysis of earlier research works, identify that ‘Research Gap’ existing between yours with that of other research works that have been done earlier and carry out your research in order to fulfill that gap.  All the Very Best.  Good Luck to you for successful completion of your research work.
Name of the Student: Arnab Bhattacharya(20 April 2021)

Question: Hello Sir/Ma'am, I'm doing an Internship at Durgapur Project Limited on Finance field. So, I need help regarding this project report. How it will be possible?

Reply from Dear Mr. Arnab Bhattacharya, Congratulations for taking up your Internship at Durgapur Project Limited.  You can go on for a Finance Project pertaining to Ratio Analysis, Capital Budgeting Analysis Financial Analysis, and/ or Financial Performance Analysis.  You can also interact with your Organizational guide to know their expectations and can take up Project pertaining to them for meeting their specific needs.  All the Very Best.

Name of the Student: Bharti PatidarMBA (HR + Finance)  (4 April 2021)

Question: Hi, l am bharti patidar ,I am the student of MBA(HR+ finance) , i have done graduation from Bsc. And my topic is " Risk and return analysis on pensions funds " i want to make this project on primary data, l want to help regarding this project , that how to collect primary data in particular area , industry or sector , plz give me some ideas.

Reply from We would like to appreciate you for taking up your Project/ SIP on “Risk and Return Analysis on Pension Funds”.  You can collect your Primary data from Geographical area of your choice (in consultation with Organizational and/ or Academic Guide/ Supervisor).  You can choose sectors as Private/ Government/ Self-employed/ Business Persons/ Professionals with varied Income Category with different Educational background.  Based on the primary data analysis you would be able to come out with FINDINGS as which demographic/ socio-economic categories of respondents perception towards Risk and Return expected.  You can also categorize the respondents as those working in manufacturing and service sectors and can identify their perceptions.  All the Very Best. 

Name of the Student: Aravind M, MBA (Agri Business) Part-1 IABM, Bikaner (12 May 2020)

Question: Hello team mbainfoline, you guys are really doing a great job, I appreciate the service you are providing and I will suggest this to my friends also.

I am Aravind M currently studying MBA(Agri Business) in IABM, Bikaner. Now I got internship in company named payAgri Innovations Pvt. Ltd. under the topic 'Feasibility of hybrid supply chain model of payAgri in Salem district' now the company asked me to frame the objectives and project plan that I am going to do. So please help me with this as soon as possible. It will be really helpful to me.

Reply from Contratulations Mr. Aravind for taking up this internship in payAgri Innovations Pvt. Ltd. with your internship titled ‘Feasibility of Hybrid Supply Chain Model of payAgri in Salem district’.  You can frame both primary and secondary objectives.  Your Primary Objective can be to identify the feasibility of hybrid supply chain model of payAgri in Salem district and you can have few secondary objectives that supports your primary objective.  Conducting SWOT analysis can be one of your secondary objectives; Based on the financial data available with your organisation, you can do financial analysis which further would be supporting your primary objective.  Further you can also do technical, legal, operational and time feasibility study that supports your Primary Objective.  All the Very Best. 

Name of the Student: Dhvanesh Kotecha  (7 May 2020)

Question: I have to do research work on difference in economics crisis in 2008 vs economics crisis due to covid19 in 2020..

So please suggest me some few topics regardings that..

Reply from 

Topic 1: Comparative study on Impact of Economic Crisis of 2008 with that of Economic Crisis of 2020


Topic 2: Problems and Prospects of Economc Crisis of 2008 with that of Economic Crisis of 2020

Note: i. 2008 Economic Crisis is due to Sub Prime Crisis whereas 2020 is due to Covid19.

ii. The impact of 2008 crisis when compared to 2020 crisis varies with regard to countries and sectors.

Name of the Student: Navya Shree M (20 April 2020)

Question: I am Navyashree. Can you please suggest me a link to find the information for the research topic on Impact of banking services on Indian economy.  Can we do the project on this?

Reply from Hats of to you Ms. Navyashree for taking this research work on Impact of Banking Services on Indian Economy.  Post Covid 19, it is going to be the Need of the Hour.  Hence, you can take up research work on this area.  There are plenty of articles published in refereed journals and you can refer to RBI Bulletin also for secondary data analysis.  All the Very Best.

Name of the Student: Sanjana Baa (14 April 2020)

Question: Hello mba infonline. I am a 2nd semester MBA student and from may 1 my SIP will start on HR area. But i have a question regarding this i want to do specialisation in Finance and marketing (as there is dual specialisation) but i have already been selected for HR SIP but now I cant change the SIP subject to finance as there is no time to apply now. 

Reply from Hello Sanjana Baa!  It’s advisable to do a Project in the respective field of Specialisation for one’s knowledge acquisition and job prospects.  Hence, you are requested to take up a Project in your field of specialization.  All the Very Best.

Name of the Student: Ankita Bhagat (29 March 2020)

Question: I am student of MBA (finance) final year . My Project topic is " financial viability of selected microfinance products available in local market" .I want help regarding this project .

Reply from Ms. Ankita Bhagat, the topic that you have has been interest of so many MBA students and Ph.D research scholars.  You can study the financial viability based on both secondary data and primary data; You can go for comparison of the revenue earned by Banks and other stake holders with the help of secondary data available.  You can also have personal interviews with bankers, Self Help Groups and other stake holders in knowing the viability of selected microfinance products for which you can develop a well-structured questionnaire in conducting the research survey.  Based on your project you would be able to suggest the kinds of microfinance products that can be introduced in selective local markets.  Good Luck for successful completion of your project.

Name of the Student: Maddhala Pravalika (16.2.2020)

Question: I am the student of mba. I want to do live project in finance. My topic is about TAX PLANNING OF INDIVIDUAL ASSESSEE.  How can I do this project with help of companies. Can u suggest on this topic?

Reply from Congratulations Ms. Maddhala Pravalika for taking a topic on TAX PLANNING FOR INDIVIDUAL ASSESSEE.  You can do this Project in Asset Management Companies (Mutual Fund Companies) or with FinTech Companies or with Portfolio Management Services, or similar other companies.  The Earnings of an Individual, Investment Objective, Risk Profile, etc., varies.  Hence, you can conduct a research survey among individuals belonging to varied social classes and can suggest portfolio or Tax Savings Avenues/ Investment Avenues as Recommendations based on your study.  It would be interesting, informative and would be of great benefit to you, your company where you do your project. Investors/ Assessees and of course to the Society.  All the Very Best. 

Name of the Student: Kgagan

Question: I have done SIP from Dainik Jagran and looking for Project Report.  So if you have the report regarding marketing topic kindly send it to my e-mail id.  

Reply from Congrats for your SIP with India's leading News Makers Dainik Jagran.  You can refer to project topics on marketing in our website in the page MBA Project & Internship.  After choosing the problem area/ topic you can frame objectives and formulate research methodology for your project.  Based on the data collected by you further analysis can be done.  For the findings you arrived at suggestions can be given.  This is the procedure.  All the Best. 

Name of the Student: R. Vineetha flarence, MBA student, St. Pious X.P.G College, Nacharam 

Question: Hi my name is R.vineetha flarence pursuing MBA in St.Pious X P.G college at Nacharam basically am from B.Tech background i would like to do internship in good MNC which will help me out to build up my career and confused to pick up my project .I would like to do my project with major as finance relate to IT can i do it ,if so please suggest me 

Reply from Excellent idea to go about it Ms. Vineetha.  You can do a wonderful project in Finance related to IT with a MNC.  First of all you can choose a real time problem prevailing in the company you are doing project related to Finance area.  You can go for appropriate solution to the same with the help of existing Financial analysis tools available right now.  With some modifications you can also innovate/ bring out a new financial analysis tool of your choice.  In later course of time you can also design a software for the same and can simplify it and implement it.  If you do this it would be tremendous work which would be appreciable.  All the Best and please share the outcome of your results with us. 

Name of the Student: Akansha Khandelwal, Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur 

Question: I am doing my Internship from Au Housing Finance Limited.  Please suggest me some internship titles related to finance for doing my Internship Project.

Reply from Congrats for taking up your Internship with Housing Finance sector which is witnessing a tremendous growth because of Governmental measures in India.  We can suggest you areas like Risk Management, NPA (Non-Performing Asset) Analysis, Recovery Analysis at this juncture.  You can also think of other areas which has been suggested by your higher officials in your organisation that may be an immediate requirement for them.  All the Very Best.  

Name of the Student: Joe 

Question: Dear sir, I am currently doing my inernship in a manufacturing (connector industry).  They are mainly involved in the production of connectors for industrial applications.  Domestic manufactures in India but major portion of their sales is for their clients outside India.  I completed my organizational study.  They have more than 250 employees working in this company and got many operation sites around the world.  Sir, I am planning to do my MBA specializing in finance.  Next section of the project is the problem based study sir.  Can you suggest me any good topics to do the project.  Can you suggest some common topics taken by the students under finance.  Can you please help me and give idea how to do the problem based study and good topics.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


Reply from Of course, we can suggest you plenty of topics in the Finance area for doing your Project work.  Already, we have listed many latest topics in Finance.  But based on the information given by you we are able to understand that you seem to be working for a Professionally managed MNC.  Try to identify their latest problems in Finance or ask for one from CFO like person and engage in research work.  So that you and your Company - both would be the beneficiary.  All the Very Best.  

Name of the Student: Krishnaraj Address: MBA Student and Radio Jockey from India

Question: This is Krishnaraj MBA final year student from India.  I had a doubt in HR project.  Please help me.  How to do HR project in radio station because I'm working as RJ in FM.  So I need to do both project and job in the same place.  So please help me atleast.  Give tips in HR.

Reply from You have plenty of areas to do HR project in FM station.  You can measure the Knowledge Management Practices prevailing there or can map the competencies of well performing employees or can measure the empoyees morale or level of job satisfaction.  You can also think of areas like Training & Development or Absenteeism/ Employee turnover etc.  All the Very Best.

Name of the Student: Sarath E.A. Address: MBA Student, SNGCE, MG University, Kerala, India

Question: I planned to do Project in Federal Bank and topic on "Effectiveness of ATM"  in Finance.  Can you give which tool used for this topic e.g., chi-square test or ratios.

Reply from As for as the statistical tools are concerned, they have to be finalized based on the questions that have been arised by you in your questionnaire.  The type of statistical analysis will be varying based on the type of questions you are asking.  Example: Different kinds of statistical analysis can be used for various types of rating scales.  You can make use of Chi-square analysis by framing hypotheses.  Example: You can test the relationship existing between certain variables like youngsters mostly using ATMs. 

Name of the Student: Jenson 

Address: M.Phil., Commerce, St. Josephs College, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India

Question: I would like to do my project in Marketing.  Kinldly suggest me new areas (topics) which would be helping me.

Reply from First of all we would like to congratulate you for showing interest in new areas of research pertaining to marketing.  You can think of projects pertaining to Online Marketing, Online Advertising, M-Commerce, CRM, eCRM, Retailing, etailing etc., where you would be having much of scope at present in India.  Also have discussion with your Research Supervisor (Guide) with regard to the above mentioned topics.  All the very best.

Name of the Student: Wole 

Address: Post graduate student in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Lagos Nigeria, studying Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in the School of Management Sciences.


Reply from Your area of research Corporate Planning Strategies involves much of information from Top Level Management.  You are requested to meet the executives working in Private enterprises for collecting the Data.  Since you have not specified any industry, discuss with your mentor/ supervisor so that you can be choosy with regard to the industries.  

Application of corporate strategies vary from industry to industry and from company to company.  Depending upon the internal and external environment of a business organisation the implementation and result of that strategy varies.  So consider the business environment surrounding the respondents you are meeting for conducting the research survey.  

Instead of meeting many respondents (Top executives) you can restrict with selective few, since you have to get appointment from those executives and you need only quality data for greater accuracy of results.

In addition to interview/ questionnaire method have informal discussions with next to top level executives for greater amount of information.  

Go for observation method also with regard to implementation and results of corporate strategies followed by organisations.  Also refer to articles and databases with regard to the same.

Your Primary Objective: To study the application of corporate planning strategies among private enterprises in Delta state.


Geographical area covered: Delta state

Research Design: Descriptive style

Data source: Primary data

Sampling Unit: Top executives of private enterprises in Delta state

Sample Size: Decide in consultation with your Mentor/ Supervisor

Sampling Technique: Stratified Random Sampling (For greater accuracy of results)

Research Instrument: Questionnaire

Questionnaire Design: Both open and close-ended questions

Interview Method: Personal interview

Statistical Tools Applied: % Analysis, Chi-square test, Weighted Average/ Garrett Ranking method and Factor analysis

Name of the Student: Mr. Rajat Kumar

Address: Kurukshetra University, Patel Nagar Patiala Chowk Jind 

Question: I am facing problem in respect to making my mba project report. i dont have any idea that how to make it. can u please give me some help in making of my project.

Topic: Inclusion of insurance products in banking services and performance effectiveness of employees.
Reply from Based on the Project topic which you have given we have understood that you need to conduct a survey among the employees who are working in a Banking company when they include insurance products in their banking service.   The survey has to be conducted to measure the performance of employees working in a respective bank when they offer insurance service along with banking service.  The problems faced by them can be measured based on your survey and you can offer the bank suitable suggestions. 

Thenmozhi D.

Question: Kindly help me in MBA - IT Projects title:

Reply from MBA Projects in IT can be done in the following ways. 

1. Pure IT Projects: Like developing a software for the requirements by using a specific language.

2. Conducting a Market Survey for for an already available product/ service.   

Rakesh Suragani:  

Question: Sir i am doing my project in hr recruitment

Sir it includes telephonic calls and interviews of candidates and selection process.

Which methodology is i am doing?

Please help me i want to include in report..
Reply from  If you are meeting the respondents in person and then, if you ask questions to them it's personal interview.  If you hand over the questionnaire to the respondents and if they answer and hand it over to you back, it is questionnaire method.  If you give telephonic calls to them and collect response then it would be telephonic interview.
How to identify MBA Project? 

  1. The students have to identify organizations that are proefessionally managed [preferably a multinational company like McKinsey, Goldmansachs, Price Water Coopers or a leading public limited company like Hero Honda Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd., or Apollo Hospitals Ltd., or private limited companies like Cavin Kare Ltd.,, or Roots Industries Ltd.] so that they can get recognition for their project work.  The students can avoid proprietorship and partnership firms for doing their project work.  However they can also think of some of the professionally managed SSIs like Sakthi Masala. 
  2. The students can take into consideration their area of specialization in MBA and their undergraduation when searching for companies.  Say for example students who have done their undergraduation in B.Sc., Bio Technology and specialized in HR can think of companies like Biocon for doing their HR projects.
  3. The students can also look for companies which give real time projects [projects seeking solution for problem faced by the company] so that they can gain greater exposure.
  4. The students can also think of doing their project work in research organizations like AcNielsen or IMBR or Gallup so that they can get expert guidance from researchers associated with these organizations.
  5. They can always seek the help of project coordinator or department placement co-ordinator or experienced faculty members or working executives in identifying suitable companies for doing their project work.
Projects / Theses - Sloan School of Management

For Management Bachelor's degree Projects : Click me

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How to Formulate a Research Problem?

             As problem well defined is half solved, the students are asked to be very careful in selecting a suitable problem for their project work.  They can have discussion with their project supervisors regarding the various problems faced by their organization before selecting one.  While selecting such problems they have to take into consideration the importance of problem (say for example, problems for which solutions leading to betterment of a situation like increase in market share/sales performance etc.) and problem that can be given solution within the stipulated time frame of their project work. 

            On the other hand, if the problem is defined vaguely or a wrong problem is defined, then the research results may be completely useless for the management and research effort of the student may become a futile exercise.

Research Agencies/ Companies at USA  
 Click the following Agencies for more details
Research Agencies/ Companies
 Research Agencies/ Companies
 1. America's Research Group 6. GE Information Services
 2. Burke Customer Satisfaction Associates 
 7. Information Resources Inc.
 3. Dun & Bradstreet 8. Info USA
 4. Envirosell shopping behavior research 9. A.C. Nielsen
 5. Gallup Organization 10. Yankelovich Partners
  Click the above Companies for more details 
Govt. Organizations/ Resources for Research at U.S.

 Click the following links for more details

U.S. Govt. Organizations/ Resources
 U.S. Govt. Organizations/ Resources
 1. Federal Trade Commission 
 5. U.S. Department of Commerce
 2. Fedstats
 6. U.S. Small Business Administration
 3. Main Street program 7. U.S. TIGER Map Service
4. U.S. Bureau of the Census 

  Click the above links for more details

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